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My current life

Nowadays I live in Paris, France. I will live there until August 2017 working as a junior researcher in Philips France while pursuing a PhD organized by UPF and Philips with the so called CardioFunXion project. My aim is to learn French and get to know the German culture as I did in Germany the last two years. Read more...

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Here you can find more about me. Personal things that I like or dislike such as TV series, movies, books, etc. If you want you can read them and recommend me new films, TV series that you think I might also like. Read more...

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My career

Here one can find information about my studying and working life. As some of you might know I like mathematics since I was young so I decided to study the Bachelor in Barcelona and then the Master in Bonn. Since I love learning I now pursuing the PhD in Paris and soon in Barcelona again. Read more...

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Living in Germany

I lived in Germany for two years and three months and it was an awesome experience. Especially the first year. It is cool to live in Germany for a couple of years and to get to know their culture and people ;) Read more...

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Current position: PhD candidate as a member of CardioFunXion since March 2016 (last update 16-04-2017)

CardioFunXion provides a platform for industrial-clinical-academic collaboration and will be an example of future partnerships in more efficient and auditable clinical image interpretation tools. It is a European Project of the Marie Curie Actions programme. The two main partnerships of this European project are Philips (in Paris) and UPF (in Barcelona).

Professional experience:

From March 2016 I'm working at Philips France in Paris as a member of the European project Cardiofunxion. I'm doing a Marie-Curie industrial PhD between UPF in Barcelona and Philips France in Paris. I will be 18 months in Paris and then I will finish the PhD in Barcelona. The topic of the PhD is 'multimodal validation of strain', which basically translates into creating a patient-specific model that will be used to validate deformations of the heart. It's a very practical application compared with what I've studied in the Bachelor and Master but I'm having a lot of fun because you can see many more results than when solving abstract problems, the topic is very interesting and I never get bored. Furthermore I'm using almost everything I learned during the master so I feel it was useful.
  • Philips
  • Another advantage of being an European project involved in research is that it allows for travelling through the world assisting to conferences, getting to know the last updates of

    From November 2014 until November 2015 I worked as a junior researcher at Fraunhofer Gesellschafft in Sankt Augustin, Germany. I was solving a model to describe the current of liquids (cold water) through a circuit of components such as pumps, pipes, heat exchangers, etc.
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschafft
  • Together with the SCAI group we published a paper with the title Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency via Simulation and Optimization of Cooling Circuits To access the paper click here.
    I worked as an analyst programmer in the company AIA Group in Sant Cugat since November 2012 until August 2013. AIA group is a young company that develops artificial intelligence software and has about 60 workers. I worked in the branch banking and I used programming languages such as Java, javascript, MySQL, SQLServer, DB2, oracle and other software tools like Microsof Excel (where I programmed in VB).
  • AIA Group
  • Master's research (2015)

    I studied a Master in Mathematics at University of Bonn, Germany. As I liked a lot when I went to Dresden in 2012 I decided to follow a master in Germany related with my Bachelor's degree. Hence, I searched for a good and known master in mathematics in Germany and I ended up following this master. It is indeed a very good University, especially in mathematics as I read before on the internet. I am happy of having studied there and I indeed learnt a lot in the fields I am interested in such as Functional Analysis, Numerical Mathematics, Convex analysis, Scientific computing and Computer Vision. I also followed courses of Discrete Mathematics there such as chip design by its reputation and future career oportunities. In the end however, I chose to do my Master Thesis in the Hausdorf research center of the University of Bonn with Professor Dr. Martin Rumpf.
  • Universität Bonn
  • On the other hand, I also learnt German following several courses from A1 to C1. After having different German friends I could practice a lot and in the end I felt German as a very close language. Es war fast wie eine Muttersprache für mich. Jedes mal wenn ich Deutsch höre, reagiere ich als ob jemanden auf Katalanisch oder Spanisch gesprochen hatte ^^. I love that feeling of learning so deep a language. A good point of it is that one could follow some german courses for free in the same university of Bonn (not like in Paris...).

    Bachelor's research (2013):

    I worked as a partner in a project in the Department of Mathematics of UAB with Josep Maria Mondelo. It consisted in interpolating the invariant manifold of an invariant tori of the restricted three body problem (RTBP). I did the final project of the bachelor about the same topic together with techniques of algorithmic differenciation.

    Previous research:

    I did a degree of Mathematics in Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona. I started the degree in 2009. By that time the degree lasted 4 years. Therefore, a part from the basic subjects in any degree in mathematics in Europe, I enroled optative courses such as PDE, numerical integration of PDE's, numerical calculus and advanced programming in the last year. It is a very modern and qualified university that is situated in the countryside of Barcelona. Personally, for people that lives in Catalonia I indeed recommend this university. Especially in subjects such as physics, mathematics or medicine. You can see its webpage in the following link:
  • UAB
  • I participated in the modelling Week 2012 in the Tecnishce Universität of Dresden in the modelling week project of the cornea curvature. I also enroled 3 courses about PDEs applications and one about Algorithmic Differenciation. Dresden is a very nice and cozy city that is definitely worth a visit. I did this before the last year of my Bachelor's degree and I enjoyed living this short time in Germany.
  • Essim2012