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My current life

Nowadays I live in Paris, France. I will live there until August 2017 working as a junior researcher in Philips France while pursuing a PhD organized by UPF and Philips with the so called CardioFunXion project. My aim is to learn French and get to know the German culture as I did in Germany the last two years. Read more...

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Here you can find more about me. Personal things that I like or dislike such as TV series, movies, books, etc. If you want you can read them and recommend me new films, TV series that you think I might also like. Read more...

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My career

Here one can find information about my studying and working life. As some of you might know I like mathematics since I was young so I decided to study the Bachelor in Barcelona and then the Master in Bonn. Since I love learning I now pursuing the PhD in Paris and soon in Barcelona again. Read more...

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Living in Germany

I lived in Germany for two years and three months and it was an awesome experience. Especially the first year. It is cool to live in Germany for a couple of years and to get to know their culture and people ;) Read more...

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